The History of Long Beach-Inglewood-South Bay (CA) Alumni Chapter

The Long Beach Alumni Chapter (W) was chartered out of a need to capitalize on the growth of alumni brothers from the Epsilon Kappa chapter in the Long Beach area who wanted to continue their Kappa journey in pursuit of Phi Nu Pi. On April 30, 1977, the Grand Board of Directors of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. (Grand Board) approved a new charter to establish the Long Beach (CA) Alumni Chapter.

Eight of the twelve charter members were initiated at the Epsilon Kappa Chapter, California State University, Long Beach. From 1977 to 1980’s, the chapter launched long range planning, fundraising, reclamation and newsletter to increase membership. Annual collaborations were initiated with Los Angeles area churches, NPHC-LA Sororities, Black Women Lawyers, Inglewood Holiday Food & Toy Drive, Crimson & Creme Awards Ball with Epsilon Kappa, and participation in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade. On July 14, 1984, the Grand Board approved a name change to the Long Beach-Inglewood-South Bay (CA) Alumni Chapter to reflect an expanded service area. In 1985 the chapter won a National Reclamation award for small chapters. In the 1990’s the chapter launched retreats, church visits, senior programs, yacht cruises, Kappa Konnection and organized Krimson & Kreme Inc., a 501 (c) 3 to support young African American males, through Guide Right, Kappa League and Adopt-a-School. Collaborations were launched with Long Beach Mentoring Program, Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, Children’s Collective, Inc., Judy Davis Marrow Donor Program, DST Habitat for Humanity, AKA Health Project, AMAN, Inc., Epsilon Kappa for Diamond Ball.

The chapter introduced the “Inclusion Amendment” to change Western Province bylaws to increase board seats in states outside of California. In 1993 the chapter hosted its first Western Province Council. From the 2000’s to the present, the chapter accelerated membership intake, mentoring, launched civic, education, health and wellness initiatives, Mother’s Day Scholarship Cruise, Joint SoCal Metro Founders’ Day and partnered with Inglewood Easter Egg Hunt and Challengers Boys/Girls Club. In 2005, the chapter hosted its second Western Province Council. Guide Right and Kappa League became a priority focus of the chapter with funding by the following Foundations: Pearlman, Carmax, Krimson & Kreme, Inc., Shirts & Skins, others. Kappa League partnerships were launched with Black College Expo, U. S. Coast Guard, Brotherhood Crusade-LA, First Tee, Long Beach, Inglewood, and Los Angeles area school districts, Epsilon Kappa Chapter, others. In 2013, of 94 Kappa Leaguers, 19 of 22 seniors were accepted to college. The chapter won National Guide Right Chapter of the Year Award. (Silver/medium size) The chapter motto was established in the 1989 as: “Innovative, Dynamic and Strong”. It stands for: “Innovative Ideas, Dynamic Leadership/Action and Strong Community Service”. The chapter has received national awards for service to Kappa Alpha Psi. Brothers have served on national commissions, committees. The chapter has received recognition and awards for service to the Western Province including multiple Chapter of the Year and Guide Right awards. (medium & small chapter). Brothers have served on special and standing committees and elected as province board members and officers.

The following Brothers have served as Chapter Polemarch: 1) Charles Ratliff; 2) John Berry; 3) Alphonso Johnson; 4) Stanley Stain; 5) Jeffrey Douglas; 6) Kevin Harbour; 7) Curtis R. Silvers, Jr; 8) James McGill; 9) Morris Bernstein; 10) Ron Handley; 11) Errol Campbell; 12) Thelonius Alexander; 13) Joe Ellick; 14) Walt Fletcher; 15) Laruen Wilson; 16) Tim Lankford; 17) Boris Ricks, Ph.D.

LBISB Charter Members

1) John Berry
2) Maceo Buford
3) Walter Clements
4) Henry Edney
5) Andre Ellis
6) John Harris
7) Kyle Jackson
8) Lamotta Jackson
9) David Nelson
10) William Nichols
11) Charles Ratliff
12) Stanley Stain
September 2018